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UNPUTDOWNABLE: Key Secrets To Binge-Worthy Storytelling

So - you want to make your stories so compelling, so utterly engrossing, that your reader simply can’t stop?

Duh, yeah you do. That’s the key to…

  • Newsletter/marketing emails that people open, read all the way to the end, and BUY from
  • Blog posts, articles, and personal essays people can’t stop sharing

and, of course…

  • A bestselling book!

Proud to say, my book, Tough Titties, has been reviewed repeatedly as “Unputdownable.”

...And so I'm sharing the exact techniques I consciously applied to the writing to make it that way. Doesn't happen by accident (though wouldn't that be nice)!

If you haven't read Tough Titties, you're missing out -- but you don’t have to have read even a page of it to get the most out of UNPUTDOWNABLE.

In this 2-hour recorded video training, you'll learn:

  • Two words to avoid (almost always) when writing a flashback - and what to use instead
  • 5 ways to be funny (even if you’re writing about something heavy)
  • One key element of riveting writing you’re probably missing (I found out I was!)
  • How to make yourself, your speaker, or any character more likable and relatable (hint — this is why we keep reading)
  • The "Twizzlers technique" that pumps up a flat paragraph
  • How to come to a conclusion when you don’t actually have one
  • The "pressure cooker" method of keeping your reader on pins and needles
  • How truthful and accurate you need to be when writing something you partially remember – is it OK to fudge the details?
  • Oops, way too long! How to cut words without losing your favorite parts
  • How to craft a "mic drop" of an ending

Plus recorded Q&A!

You'll come away with tricks you can apply to instantly make your writing more compelling...

...and keep fickle eyes and attention on your newsletter and marketing emails, posts, book content — anywhere you tell stories!