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Don't forget to grab these much-requested essentials for scoring a (nonfiction) book deal.

The Book Launch Hero "Book Deal" Bonus Pack!

You'll get:

1) My Tough Titties book proposal

I could never have written this 85-page opus without other successful proposals to model. I can’t share the ones I used, but I can share mine. It’s not perfect, but it’s a great read and it got me a handsome book deal, so.

2) A sample agent-query letter + video breakdown

This is the note you send to agents asking if they’re willing to receive your proposal – which, fingers crossed, they’ll love so much, they want to represent you. There’s a standard format to these, but I tried to make mine un-standard enough to stand out. And it worked!

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Book Launch Hero

A double book marketing workshop recording.

I'll take you behind the scenes of my entire book launch process —

  • Blurb requests
  • Media pitches
  • Street team
  • Book mailings
  • Promoting on social
  • Getting shout-outs from influencers
  • Bookstore and other in-person events (AKA “touring”)

...And more. If I did it, I’ll share it.

Plus...the whole kit!

Along with the double workshop replay, you get the full Book Launch Hero package, which includes:

✔️ A compilation of the most powerful and irresistible emails I sent my list promoting Tough Titties

✔️ All the emails recruiting for, and then communicating with, the Titty Committee (so you can model them and write your own)

✔️ The actual application form for the Titty Committee, including crucial qualifying questions I added late in the game

✔️ A detailed video breakdown of my book page and thank-you page, showing you its evolution and the sales strategy behind every element

✔️ The recording of my comprehensive “Behind The Titties” call – where I detailed the journey of writing the book, getting the book deal, rewriting the book, and the beginning of the rollercoaster that is the publishing process 

✔️ The “swipe guide” I sent to big influencers to make promoting Tough Titties to their audiences a cinch (and an easy yes)

…and more!

These materials are going to make your life so much easier and take endless hours of guesswork and frustration off your plate.